A Single tool to create a complete model of a complex system

Contains data on physical, transport and application layer of your system.

Manage information about cable net, data of main communication protocols and functional requirements of the devices.

Simultaneous access to current data for all project stakeholders.

The tool uses client-server architecture, and all the developers work with a single database. No more difficulties with data sharing between departments - all the necessary data can be obtained directly from the tool. The tool provides flexible system for access rights control.

Automated Error Checking

Checks upon Data Entry.

The tool will not allow entering data that violate project constraints and standards into the database.

Automated Integrity Checks.

Be sure that all information links are provided through physical connections and transmitted between devices in an agreed format.

Customizable System of Restrictions.

User can customize object naming conventions, consistency restriction for data types and parameter units, bus types, and so on.

User Interface that Helps Your Work

The user interface is aimed at reducing workload.

The interface is optimized for working without using mouse: filtering, sorting, ability to exchange data items links by simply copying an address field.

Customizable Interface to fit User Needs

Powerful tools for bulk import and editing.

You need to add 10 000 function parameters from file? Use bulk import feature.

Bus naming convention changed? Export data in Excel format, make changes and take advantage of bulk editing feature.

Initial filling of the database, updating data from associate contractors, group editing and other large operations are much easier to do with the dBricks tool.

Configuration Management

Create and manage base versions and options.

In complex system development one can not do without dividing results by stages. The dBricks tool has an advanced and mature version control system for individual devices and the project as a whole.

Automated comparison of differences and verification of equipment compatibility.

Do not waste time searching for differences between device versions or fixing compatibility errors during tests. Get accurate reports on the differences and compatibility of versions.

Automated Generation of Documents and Data Packets

Physical layer Documents.

Block diagrams, wiring lists and schematics.

Transport layer documents.

Interface control documents (ICD) according to ARINC 429, ARINC 664, ARINC 653, ARINC 825, MIL-1553, RS-232, RS-485, etc.

Application layer documents.

Application software specifications, application software I/O specifications, data packets for test benches and flight simulators developers.

Workload Reduction

Don't waste time on routine. Focus on functionality.

Customization Options for Customer Needs

Specific document formats and data transfer protocols.

At Customer's request, support for specific data transfer protocols and additional reports that meet the Customer's needs can be added to the tool.

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